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OSZ Automotive Technology

Our competence: Automotive Technology
The OSZ Automotive Technology in Berlin-Charlottenburg provides a wide range of educational courses with a core curriculum in vocational training for the automotive trades. The school also caters for non-vocational students wishing to obtain general school qualifications with a technology-based and work-oriented profile. As well as teaching technical skills, the staff pay special attention to the developmental aspects of education for the workplace. Students are encouraged to set themselves personal goals as maturing individuals with self-reliance and understanding of others. Group assignments and teamwork play an essential role in tuition at the OSZ Automotive Technology.
Learning culture and school atmosphere
The staff of the OSZ Automotive Technology promote a learning culture that treats all students equally, respecting and trusting them as individuals and adult citizens. Successful teaching and learning processes require a supportive school climate. We are a school which recognizes the importance of pleasant working environments based on respect and solidarity. The OSZ Automotive Technology regards equal opportunity in education as of prime importance. It therefore provides active support for young people with special needs, giving them access to realistic career options in an increasingly demanding job market with specific requirements.
Responsibility to society
We have set ourselves the goal of creating the conditions for lifelong learning in combination with self-reliance. The OSZ Automotive Technology provides students with key skills which promote sustainable social and professional competence at all levels including university entrance. The essentials of teamwork – social, personal and communicative skills, the ability to solve conflicts – play an important role in our educational concept. The OSZ Automotive Technology enjoys independent status within the terms of the Berlin Education Act, especially regarding the implementation and development of the curriculum. In order to maintain the high educational standards we aim to achieve, we welcome all contacts with other social groups and institutions.


Contact details:

Headmaster: Ronald Rahmig

OSZ Kfz-Technik
Gierkeplatz 1+3
10585 Berlin

Phone.: +49 (030) 90189 33-08
Fax:       +49 (030) 90189 33-05

E-Mail: info(at)osz-kfz.de

Website: www.osz-kfz.de

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